Dr. Xuechao Xing was a Senior Research Scientist and Instructor at the LDDN. Having joined the LDDN in 2001, Xuechao made major contributions to multiple LDDN projects including necrosis inhibitors, BMP, SMA, and EAAT2. Xuechao is currently working as a medicinal chemist at Enanta Pharmaceuticals in Watertown, MA.
​Dr. Hrvoje (Harry) Lusic joined the LDDN as a postdoctoral research fellow in medicinal chemistry in 2013. 
His research efforts were aimed at finding and optimizing potential treatments for SMA, ALS and Alzheimer's disease.

Past Medicinal Chemists

Dr. Xiao (Elliot) Wang is a Researcher and Instructor at the LDDN.  
​Dr. Wang originally joined the LDDN as a postdoctoral Research Fellow in Medicinal Chemistry in 2011, and was promoted to Instructor in 2012. His research efforts were aimed at optimizing small molecules for the Klotho and EAAT2 projects as potential treatments for neurodegeneration.

Alyssa Calder
Alyssa originally joined the LDDN in January 2014 as a Northeastern coop student and after graduation from Northeastern in 2015 she
rejoined the LDDN as a researcher. Alyssa made important contributions to the SMA project.